The latest innovation in family travel

Bubba Board is an award-winning travel accessory that helps give children comfort and independence in the big people seats, while giving the adults the ability to sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey ahead. We can’t promise it will make any family trip absolutely perfect, but it will help relieve some of the stress that […]

Bubba Board: Our Story

Bubba Board is the best childrens travel bed

Let us tell you a story about two people who loved to travel. It was never too much to pack a bag and head off to destinations near or far.  After a big move from the US to the UK, all new opportunities for travel opened up. Now, places that were usually so far away, […]

Travel happy, together.

children's travel bed

Traveling with young children can be a mixed bag. There’s the sheer joy of experiencing new destinations through their eyes, combined with the logistical challenges of keeping them comfortable and entertained during transit. Parents are all too familiar with the struggle of their little ones not fitting properly in adult-sized seats, leading to restless journeys […]