Bubba Board: Our Story

Let us tell you a story about two people who loved to travel. It was never too much to pack a bag and head off to destinations near or far. 

After a big move from the US to the UK, all new opportunities for travel opened up. Now, places that were usually so far away, were now far more accessible. The possibilities seemed endless. 

Fast forward a few years, and our duo became a trio. While so many parts of life changed for the better, the idea of travel with a baby felt very daunting. After a successful, long-haul family holiday with baby (and all the baby stuff) in tow, we had the confidence to travel with our child, despite a whole list of new challenges we’d need to conquer.

Fast forward another couple of years, and we’re now with travelling with a TODDLER. All of a sudden, travelling on planes and trains for any amount of time, meant ensuring our little one was comfortable, entertained, well-fed, happy… all the things. It meant expecting a tiny human to adapt to places and things built for big humans, and it was never perfect – for her or us.

So we Googled. We looked for tips and tricks for keeping your kids happy and settled on an airplane or train ride. We searched for hacks to help her sleep on short- and long-haul flights. And we invested lots of time and money into products that were portable and could help her chill out so we could, too.

We ended up spending a lot of money on roll on suitcases and inflatable footrests that only added to our stress. They took up lots of space, were added luggage, and were cumbersome to get set up and put away. We knew there had to be a better way to do this, one that lessened the stress of travelling with a child and didn’t add to it. 

Queue the lightbulb over our heads, and Bubba Board was born. 

We wanted to build something that made as much sense for parents as it did for kids. Adults are, after all, the ones doing the packing and the carrying and the planning and the stressing out. In short, Bubba Board was designed for kids with parents in mind. And we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

We’re so thrilled to have you and your family join ours as we all take on family travel with confidence thanks to Bubba Board!