Frequently asked questions

What is Bubba Board?

Travelling with kids has its own set of challenges. Created by two parents looking for a way to make travel in adult-sized seats easier for their kids, Bubba Board is a new comfort device that extends the seat and fills the gap, allowing young children to sit or lay comfortably during travel.

How does Bubba Board work?

To set up, tuck the small flap into the back of the child’s seat, slide the inner board out to extend the seat, and simply tuck the large flap into the seatback pocket in front.

For additional support, the shoulder strap can be clipped around the tray table.

And that’s it! 

In seconds you’ll have a fuss-free place for your little one to lay down comfortably when it’s time to rest, or to just sit quietly and play.

To take down, simply pop the flap out, slide the Bubba Board back in and place under the seat in front of you or in the overhead. 

You can view a quick tutorial on our How It Works page. 

Is Bubba Board safe to use?

Bubba Board should only be used for its intended purpose, as a seat extender to sit or lay comfortably during travel. A seatbelt can always be worn while Bubba Board is in use.

During air travel, when the fasten seatbelt light goes on, you can quickly slide the inner board back into its original position without having to dismantle or deflate anything. 

Some other things to keep in mind with regards to safety and security:

  • Adult supervision is required at all times.

  • Do not leave child unattended while using Bubba Board.

  • Do not use in lieu of a car seat or other child safety device.

  • Keep seatbelt fastened at all times while using Bubba Board.

  • Keep shoulder strap away from child.

  • Do not jump or stand on Bubba Board while in use.

  • Bubba Board is only for use when travelling and should not be used as a crib or cot.

  • Bubba Board is not a toy and should only be used for its intended purpose.

  • Bubba Board should not to be used during taxi, take off, landing or turbulence.

Is there an age or weight limit?

Bubba Board has been tested by one of the world’s leading product testing houses. As this is a novel product, there are no exact weight limits. The product is designed to support children of all ages during travel, however, it is important to remember that the extension should only be used to support a a person’s legs and feet, and their weight should be predominantly on the seat. This was proven to be more than adequate by professional product testing standards. 

Children are required by most airlines to have their own seat once they are 2 years of age, however, Bubba Board can generally be used for children who can sit confidently on their own. This is NOT a safety device and should not be used in lieu of a car seat where one is required. Children should never be left unattended while using Bubba Board. A seatbelt can and should always be worn where one is available.

We designed Bubba Board to be durable, sturdy and long-lasting so it can travel with your children for as long as they need or want to use it. 

What are the dimensions of Bubba Board?

Bubba Board measures 45cm L x 37cm W x 3cm H. It weighs just under 2kg and extends to 78cm L. It is suitable for Economy and Premium Economy seating.

Is Bubba Board available in other colors?

Yes! Bubba Board is currently available in Blue, Pink, Purple and Orange. 

Is Bubba Board only for air travel?

Nope! Bubba Board works brilliantly on trains, buses and cars, too! 

On trains and buses: If no seat back pocket is available, hang the strap around the tray table to support the board. If there is no tray table, you can potentially hang the strap around the head rest in front of the seat, but please be mindful of your fellow passengers! 

In cars: For older children that do not require a car seat or other safety device, Bubba Board can be used where a seat back pocket is available, or you can hang the strap around the head rest in front. Bubba Board is not a safety device and should not be used in lieu of a car seat; for older children, a seatbelt can and should always be worn. Children who require a car seat should use one at all times. 

Is Bubba Board approved by airlines?

Bubba Boards have been used on several major airlines including British Airways, Virgin, Emirates, Jet2, Singapore Air, and TUI (just to name a few!) successfully. It can easily be set up and put away during taxi, take-off, turbulence and landing, or moved out of the way in an emergency, unlike other products that require cumbersome set up and disassembly and can be problematic should the seats need to be cleared quickly. In addition, Bubba Board does not completely fill the space in between seats, so lifejackets or other safety gear found under the seats are still accessible. 

We are not officially approved on any airline, but we are working through that process.

Bubba Boards should only be used on middle or window seats. A seatbelt can and should be worn at all times, and children should never be left unattended while it is in use.

What are your shipping options and policies?

We now ship worldwide!

We offer both standard (national post) and expedited (UPS) shipping, depending on your location. Please see below our current shipping options.

In the UK, we ship using the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service (1-2 business days).

In the US, we ship using USPS from the state of Georgia (2-7 business days, depending on your location). We do not currently have an expedited shipping option in the US. 

For our international customers, we offer FREE standard international shipping using Royal Mail International out of the UK, or FEDEX to Canada and South America from the US. International shipments will be transferred and delivered by your country’s national postal service and can take anywhere from 5-14 business days depending on the country. With the exception of Canada and South America, customers  can also can choose to upgrade to expedited international shipping which takes between 2-7 business days, for an additional cost. Pricing and estimated delivery times are shown at checkout.

Shipping to the Middle East, Asia and parts of the world where a local tracked service is not available is ONLY offered via paid expedited shipping. 

All shipments will be fully trackable and you will receive a link to follow your delivery once it’s shipped from our fulfilment centre. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Orders shipped outside of the UK and the US may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT, GST, or similar), which are incurred once a shipment reaches your country. Bubba Board Ltd. is not responsible for these charges, they are your responsibility as the customer.**

What is your return/refund policy?

You have 14 days from the date of delivery to return a product.

As Bubba Boards are predominantly used by and for children, we must be EXTREMELY careful with returned merchandise.

As a result, we DO NOT accept returns or provide refunds where the original clear plastic bag has been opened or tampered with, or damaged in any way.

Bubba Board is not officially approved by any airline. We cannot accept a return for not being able to use on any given airline.

We do not provide pre-paid shipping labels. Return shipping will be at the expense of the customer. 

If you are eligible for a return, we will refund you back to your original payment method, which can take up to 5 business days.

If your Bubba Board arrives damaged or faulty, please contact us immediately.

For more details, please see our full Return & Refund Policy

Can I tag Bubba Board on social media?

Yes, ABSOLUTELY!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and tag @bubbaboard in your posts – we’d love to hear from you!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We do not offer gift wrapping or personalised notes at this time. However, if you’d like to present something special to a loved one, check out our Gift Card options which allow you to add a personal note.  

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